Landlords are the key to ending homelessness in Santa Cruz County.


Landlords, we need your help.

180/2020 provides landlords participating in the HCV (Housing Choice Voucher) program resources and information to provide low-income families access to decent, safe and affordable housing in the neighborhood of their choice. Rental assistance payments are sent directly to the landlord on behalf of a participating individual or family. The individual or family then pays their tenant portion of the rent directly to the landlord.

We also partner with mental health agencies, developmental disability service agencies, independent living centers, housing authorities, homeless service agencies and many other community resources. Through this collaborative effort, participants receive the combined benefits of flexible supportive services and rental assistance.

By renting to a 180 client – and saying “yes” to a voucher – you can help vulnerable homeless individuals and families stabilize their lives and start on a path to improved health, well-being, and community integration.

What are the benefits of renting to a 180 client?

  • Guaranteed, on-time, rent payments - The Housing Authority makes the voucher subsidy payments directly into your bank account every month.

  • Case management - Clients have a Case Manager you can call in the event of a problem or issue that requires their attention.

  • Streamlined lease-up process with the help of Housing Specialists

  • Landlord incentives - See the Housing Authority website for additional information

If you are interested in learning more, or have an available unit, please contact:

Carly Bliman - 180/2020 Program Manager