WHAT IS 180/2020?


In 2012, as part of the National 100,000 Homes Campaign, Homeless Services Center began the 180/180 Initiative, a collaboration with Santa Cruz County’s Homeless Persons Health Project, Encompass Community Services, Santa Cruz AIDS project, the behavioral health agency, and Front St. Inc. The 180/180 Campaign aimed to house 180 of the most medically vulnerable, chronically homeless people in the county between late 2012 and July 2014, and turn their lives around 180 degrees.

By July 2014 180/180 had exceeded that goal by housing over 200 people. With the momentum, support and dedication of service providers, community members and volunteers, the successful initiative became 180/2020 and has placed over 800 people in homes to date, most of whom are part of the most vulnerable homeless population in Santa Cruz County. 

The 180/2020 Initiative is continuing to work with local community members, along with city and county organizations to expand its scope to ensure that “everyone is housed and healthy”.  The Initiative is also participating in the “Built for Zero Campaign” with the National Alliance to End Homelessness by setting goals and using strategies to achieve our vision that homelessness in Santa Cruz County should be rare, brief and non-recurring.


  • Worked with Santa Cruz Housing Authority to establish a voucher preference for chronically homelessness individuals who are the most vulnerable.

  • Established Housing Workshops, that assist persons or people experiencing homelessness.

  • Secured local funding for 2 Permanent Supportive Housing Case Managers.

  • Created bi-monthly multi-agency Housing Work Group gatherings to marshal resources to house the most vulnerable.

  • 850 people housed as of September 10, 2019!